Welcome To Geckolandia!

Marco Polo, the cutest leopard gecko in the land, is the emperor of Geckolandia. Geckolandia is far away on another planet. But the dinos probably call it a tenalp. Well, it is more like a island on a planet. This is Marco right here. →

Geckolandia is a home to many strange creatures including Bink the Robber, Frakker, Pog, and Pikker. All of these are made up things but they can come to life in your dreams.

Anyway, the dinos are the citizens of Geckolandia and they come from The Dentist. They are about a inch tall and are plastic and really cute. And they look like dinosaurs.

Bink the Robber is no ordinary robber. He is really nice and rarely steals stuff. There is a song about him.

Frakker is a really dumb strange character in Geckolandia. He lives in a really blocky house. Frakker is friends with Pog.

Pog is a dog. She is really cute and smart and sweet. Pog lives near the Field of Evil Sheep.

Pikker is a person that can turn into a sea serpent. A nice one, of course. He is very friendly and will give dinos rides on his back. Pikker is good friends with Kerog.

And Kerog is the old dragon that flies around and guards Geckolandia.

In Geckolandia, people speak a language called Friptix. In Friptix, a word is called a word similar to it. If you're talking about something just general, just spell it backwards.

Then there's money. People use Rallods, dollars spelled backwards. A Rallod is about equal to a dollar.